From floor drains to design icon

In 2003, the architect Claus Dyre developed a linear floor drain to be placed against the wall. This was the start of Unidrain and since then, various products have been added, all with the same focus on both functionality and design.

Today there are over 1,000,000 Unidrain installations worldwide and Unidrain is no longer just a manufacturer of floor drains, but a design icon in the modern bathroom.

Reframe Collection by Unidrain

The Eight Lines

Unidrain’s logo features eight lines that trace back to the original revolutionary product: The line drain. The eight lines symbolise the innovative and original Colomn grating and represent the drain’s main function: Diverting the water. The eight lines form a logo together with our brand name.

Over the years, Unidrain has grown as a company, and with the introduction of the accessories series: Reframe Collection, we’ve moved beyond the shower cubicle. For that reason we’ve given the Reframe Collection its own logo, but with the same eight lines.

The lines are an integral part of the design of Unidrain products.

An Idea Becomes Reality

Unidrain’s unique floor drain system became the industry’s preferred solution in just a few years. Today, there are more than 1,000,000 Unidrain installations worldwide, and Unidrain has moved from being a manufacturer of floor drains to a design icon in modern bathrooms.

Unidrain’s line drain, mounted against the wall, was developed by the Danish architect Claus Dyre in 2003. Every time he were to design a bathroom, he was met with the challenge of having to break beautiful and large tiles in the shower area to make the drain fit in the middle of the floor. An idea began to sprout in his creative mind and not long after the world’s first drainage system mounted against the wall was designed and approved.

This was the foundation on which Unidrain was built. Unidrain has grown over time, and so has our product range. More lengths, shapes and colours have been added, which has given our customers more unique opportunities. We’ve also added several product categories, including GlassLine, MatLine and an accessories series; Reframe Collection.

Unidrain’s products can be used in all types of project: Both renovation and new builds, and in the private and public-sector. All Unidrain products have been developed by Danish architects in close collaboration with experts in wet room technology, both locally and internationally.

Unidrain’s floor drains have won internationally renowned design prizes, including the ‘iF product design award’ and the ‘Danish Design Prize’ for the HighLine series. In 2015 Claus Dyre received the ‘Villum Foundation Building Component Prize’ for his invention of the linear floor drain.

Awards and recognition

2024 – Reframe Collection, pedal bin: IF Design award

2024 – Reframe Collection, pedal bin: German Design Award 

2019 – Reframe Collection, soap shelf corner: IF Design Award

2019 – Reframe Collection, toilet brush: IF Design Award

2019 – Reframe Collection, toilet brush: German Design Award 

2019 – Reframe Collection, soap shelf and shower wiper: German Design Award 

2018 – Reframe Collection, soap shelf and shower wiper: IF Design award 

2017 – Reframe Collection, soap shelf and shower wiper: Good Design Award 

2017 – Matline: German Design Award, special mention 

2016 – Matline: Reddot Award, honourable mention samt IF Design Award

2015 –  The invention of the line drain: Villum fonden x Velux fonden 

2010/2011 – HighLine: Danish Design Award samt Den Danske Designpris

2010 – HighLine Panel: IF Design Award 

2009 – ClassicLine: Good Design Award



At Unidrain, we work closely with construction partners.
We strive to increase the quality of construction and ensure the future for the building industry.


At Unidrain, we develop innovative products that not only have a stylish design, but also contain a technical solution. We work with the mantra 49% design, 51% technique to achieve the ultimate combination and the best experience of our product.


With Unidrain, you get a safe, high-quality result. The bathroom is one of the most exposed rooms in the house, and that is precisely why the safety of our products is very important when we develop them.

We dare to think smarter

Our philosophy is: “Dare to think smarter”. For us, this means that we challenge the standards and go beyond the ordinary. We believe that we can change the status quo, that we are innovative and that we think in smart solutions.

For this reason, we have defined three values, which are the market and the driving force in our daily work towards an even better product for the end users:

COURAGE – We are brave, innovative and dare to challenge the status quo and set new standards.

PASSION – We are passionate about making a difference, to optimize the existing.

THOROUGHNESS – We deliver thoughtful, competent solutions.

At Unidrian, we constantly develop products that can make a difference. Everything from the stylistic expression to a completely new protection against possible wet room damage.


Part of
BLS Industries

Unidrain is part of the Swedish group BLS Industries, which has an annual turnover of SEK 600 million. In addition to Unidrain, BLS Industries consists of Jafo, Purus and Trio Perfekta.

They all work in plumbing and construction. This constellation makes it possible to share knowledge and experience, which helps to make the products even better and even smarter.

Unidrain has companies, distributors and showrooms in several countries. There are Unidrain installations in large parts of the world. The headquarters is in Denmark, from where our design and product development is based.