Make your dream of an everyday luxury bathroom experience a reality.

Whether you choose Unidrain’s well-known linear drains or the more discreet corner and square drains, you’ll get a stylish, pleasing and practical solution.


Unidrain’s linear floor drain comes in two design series, ClassicLine and HighLine, both of which can be placed against the wall or as a free-standing solution. It offers great opportunities for creating beautiful bathrooms, while Unidrain’s patented wall flanges make the drain 100% waterproof.

The advantage of the linear drain is that it blends in beautifully giving the bathroom a calm, minimalistic and elegant look.

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Whether you need to design large bathrooms, hotels, spa areas, changing rooms or institutions, we will do everything to ensure that your vision can become a reality.

Unidrain’s bespoke drain is a tailormade solution which is produced to your exact measurements and offering you several options in order to meet your specific needs.

Choose a solution where the frames are installed side by side, where tiles are laid in between, or where the frames are adjusted with a flex frame, which creates symmetry in the floor.


Unidrain’s corner drain is smaller than similar products in the market, without compromising design or build in technical specification.

This solution is a perfect choice for wetrooms with limited space. 

The corner drain comes in both the ClassicLine and the HighLine design series.

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The square drain is especially useful when you want to create a uniformed and minimalistic look. It can be used anywhere in your home such as your utility room, basement, under the sink or next to your bathtub.

For your shower rooms we will always recommend our linear drain. 


Matline is relevant and safe solution in any constructions with daily traffic of people coming from the outside bringing in water, dirt and snow. The mat can be placed in the utility room or entrance hall and is connected to the existing pipe system, so that excess dirt and water is automatically directed away.

MatLine is relevant in any construction and unique details provide a safe solution with a nice finish.

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