MatLine is an intelligent mat system for those who demand both quality, an elegant design and a functional solution to everyday problems.

MatLine from Unidrain is useful and relevant in any building and can be placed in the utility room or entrance, where it is connected directly to the established pipe system.

MatLine børster

Nylon Brushes

MatLine gummiindlæg

Rubber Profiles

An Intelligent Mat System

Elegant Solution for the Nordic Climate

The Nordic climate makes it difficult to keep the house clean when children and adults are having an active outdoor lifestyle.

Unidrain’s MatLine is a functional and elegant solution to the daily problems with muddy and wet footwear caused by the cold and wet weather for large parts of the year.

MatLine can be installed in the entrance hall or utility room, where it is connected to the existing pipe system, so that dirt and water is directed away. Dry dirt such as sand is caught in the trap beneath the mat, from where it easily can be vacuumed.

MatLine is applicable and relevant in any construction. The mat system consists of a mat, a frame, a sand trap and a drain unit.

MatLine gulvafløb

Minimises dirt in the home

MatLine dansk design

Stylish Danish design

MatLine krog

Hook to raise the mat easier

MatLine kobling afløb

Connects directly to the pipe system