CEG Schwarzwald

Shanghai, China

Year: 2018
Developer: China Eagle Group (CEG)
Architect: –

CEG Schwarzwald is an innovative, modern housing project in Shanghai. The apartments offer the highest quality materials, the latest technology and a whole new focus on sustainability. CEG Schwarzwald has been created with a unique green oasis situated in the middle of urban Shanghai. The bathrooms are also of the highest quality with a focus on comfort, quality of life and spaciousness.
The exclusive apartments have been fitted with Unidrain linear drains, with the choice of model left to the buyer.


Year: 2018
Developer: China Eagle Group (CEG)
Architect: –

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The darling

The Darling

Copenhagen, Denmark

Year: The Grand 2020 and The Classic 2023
Developer: Darling Creative Studios
Architects: –
Plumbing & sanitation contract: Bedre Bad Hørsholm


The Park District

Ballerup, Denmark

Year: 2023–2024
Developer: FB Gruppen A/S
Architects: WERK Arkitekter ApS
Other partners: NEMO VVS, Lemvigh-Müller A/S, IngCon A/S, FB Gruppen, HOLSCHER NORDBERG Architecture and Planning A/S, Svane Køkkenet A/S


Marienlyst Strandhotel

Helsingør, Denmark

Year: 2017
Developers: Strand- & Badehotel Marienlyst A/S
Arcitect: ARC Nordic A/S
Engineer: Norcunsult A/S
Other partners: Uslugi Ogoionbudwlane Karbud, Scandinavian Water Treatment – Scan Water A/S, Varmeforretningen A/S, Helsingør El-Teknik ApS



Rødovre, Denmark

Year: 2021
Developer: Elf Developement
Arcitect: Arkitema Architects
Other partners: Glindorf & Partnere A/S, Orbicon A/S, Bad Element ApS