A floor drain is designed to divert water away from the shower area. The surrounding floor needs to have the correct fall towards the drain. If the fall is not sufficient – or even worse, if it slopes the wrong way – there is a risk of gaps and leakage, which can cause expensive damage to the building over the years.

Before Unidrain came onto the market, there was only the square floor drain in the middle of the shower area, which requires a correct fall from four sides. The square drain complicates laying the floor and subsequent tiling.

The answer to this challenge is Unidrain’s basic concept, and with our invention of the narrow, linear floor drain, we have found the perfect solution. Unidrain’s floor drain is placed up against one of the walls, which means that you only need a fall from one side and Unidrain’s patented flanges in the wall and floor provide a waterproof transition between the drain, the floor and the wall.

With Unidrain one product provides a technical, simple and smart solution to the two typical sources of damage from floor draining: The wrong slope and leakage.

Unidrain’s original idea and subsequent expansion of the product range have been thoroughly tested and meet all the standard requirements.

Patented Wall Flanges

unidrain 4parts ClassicLine Column 03

One Drain – Four Parts

Corner Drain – Same Principles 

ShowerLine – The Strongest Installation Yet


Complies with the new joint European norm: EN1253

BBA approved

Tested and approved by the Danish Building Research Institute for secure wet room placement against walls

Approved for wet rooms in class H (Hard stress load)

Fulfils the requirements of new building regulations. 

Unidrain’s unique construction is patented in Europe (no. 1287213) and patents have been applied for in a number of countries all over the world

Unidrain is a registered trademark

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Use the configurator to calculate which elements you need for your project. When you have finished, you can simply send the component list to yourself or print it directly.


Do you need a customised solution?

The Bespoke drain can be made to order to any size. Contact us for options for your project.  

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