Avoid dirt in the drain: new protective film helps plumbers install drains safely

We have developed a brand-new film that protects the drain during installation and at the same time guides the plumber safely through the process.

When a bathroom is renovated, concrete debris, mortar and tile shards can easily end up in the drain. And it can be both expensive and tricky for the tradesman to clean up afterwards.   

We’ve found a way to deal with this problem by developing a new ‘informative’ plastic film that both protects the drain and helps the plumber through complicated drain installations.

Lasse Lyck, Unidrain’s technical manager, says:

“All too often, builders or plumbers end up spending precious time carefully picking dirt and debris out of a drain. This can lead to wasted manhours, scratched drains and annoyed customers. But with our new film solution, the problem can very easily be avoided”. 

The film seals the drain

The new solution is a plastic film that the plumber puts over the drain.

Then the builder takes over, pours the floor and lays the tiles. The film seals the drain, ensuring that mortar and other dirt doesn’t fall into the drain while the builder is working.

“The film is very quick and simple to attach, and when the work is finished the plumber can easily remove it and throw it out. It’s a very simple solution to a big problem,” says Lasse Lyck.  

Instructions for using the new film

In addition to the film’s protective effect, a step-by-step illustration is printed on the film showing how to install the drain correctly. There is also a QR code for our YouTube channel, where there is a video guide to the installation.

“It’s a kind of intelligent film, because apart from protecting the drain it also helps the plumber install it,” says Lasse Lyck.  

From June, Unidrain’s newly developed film will be included with all our linear drains. In addition to the new film, the drain also includes a cleaning wipe, which is used to degrease the drain gutter before the wet room membrane is applied. 

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