Award-winning beach spa chooses Unidrain

Marienlyst Strandhotel in Helsingør has expanded its suite of wellness facilities with a 1,600 square metre beach spa. This has one clear purpose: to bring the guests closer to nature by breaking the boundary between inside and outside. To this end, the hotel chose our linear drain in brass, among other things.

On the shore of the Øresund strait facing Helsingborg is the 150-year-old Marienlyst Strandhotel. On 6 January 2018, after two years of development, the hotel in Helsingør opened a luxurious beach spa. This spa, with its luxury facilities, has now earned a Danish Beauty Award 2019 in the ‘Spa of the Year’ category.

The 1,600 square metre spa area with both indoor and outdoor facilities has been designed with one clear purpose in mind: to bring guests closer to nature. One of the key players behind the project is Jan Mortensen, who is employed by Marienlyst Strandhotel and has been the leading plumbing engineer and technical manager for the work:

“The aim of the spa design is for the indoor and outdoor experience to merge for our guests. And as we are dealing with a spa, wet room installations such as drains have a major bearing on the overall look,” says Mortensen, who also owns the plumbing firm Varmeforretningen. 

Special materials for a special spa

He explains that the natural surroundings of the spa played a crucial role in the choice of materials for both drains and fittings. This has resulted in a fine combination of warm tones:

“In our choice of drains and fittings, we have stressed that we are not building just any spa. We are building a beach spa. That is why we have tried to reflect the surrounding beach and coastline, with the sun playing on the water. Among other things, we chose Unidrain’s linear drain in brass for the spa’s entrance area and changing rooms.

The exclusive linear drains help to give the spa its luxurious look. I’m happy to say this is something the guests are also noticing,” Mortensen notes:

“We have had a very good response from our guests. They are excited about the aesthetics and the choice of materials, and think they contribute to an exclusive aura. There is no doubt that this feedback is important to us, as it is our goal at Marienlyst Strandhotel to always offer an exclusive wellness experience for our guests.”

Linear drains both in the spa and in the hotel itself 

The hotel has not only chosen our linear drains in the spa area. You will also find ClassicLine Column drains in the hotel’s many rooms, which have been recently renovated.

“Marienlyst Strandhotel and its spa are the epitome of luxury and wellness. So of course it is nice that they have chosen our drains as part of the experience. Apart from the aesthetic side, there was also a functional aspect that needed to be addressed. The linear drain makes maintenance easy and improves safety when it comes to wet room damage. This is a plus for hotels where many guests are checking in and out all the time,” concludes our architectural consultant Dennis Bagge.

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