Create a luxury bathroom like those in the charming Nobis Hotel

Plenty of space and a room to pamper yourself. These are the key words for the bathroom in 2018, which we Danes yearn to spend time in – both at home and when we are staying at a hotel. Here you can find some inspiration to help you create your own luxury bathroom like those in one of Copenhagen’s most exclusive hotels.

The bathroom is one of the rooms in the home which has evolved the most over time. From being a toilet in the yard, it later came into the home as an enlarged broom cupboard. Today, it’s a space most people are proud to show off. There has undoubtedly been a change.

The bathroom is no longer a room we have for practical reasons. It is a room where we want to spend time; a room with plenty of space where we can pamper ourselves. The bathroom should exude luxury and wellness.

Bathtubs, marble tiles and Scandinavian elegance

The secret of a modern luxury bathroom is to be found in the choice of materials, the tailor-made solutions and the overall design style.

The newly renovated Nobis Hotel in central Copenhagen displays a wide range of features. Here, the 100 hotel rooms offer luxury bathrooms which are really enviable.

The bathrooms are characterised by large bathtubs, large marble tiles and Scandinavian elegance – three of today’s hottest trends, which require space and give that sense of wellbeing. Together, the three elements create a space where we can pamper ourselves. Just as if we were on a wellness break.

At the same time, minimalism and a rigorous design line are key elements of the bathrooms, where the Scandinavian design style is crucial. A large, single mirror sits above the basin, while the shower cubicle is enclosed by a sleek sheet of glass. The water falls like rain out of the large shower head and lands on the marble tiles beneath, before disappearing into the bespoke drain.

Bespoke drains

Custom-designed solutions make today’s most stylish bathrooms completely unique. At Nobis Hotel, Unidrain has supplied designer drains for the hotel’s shower cubicles at the request of the architects.

20 bathrooms in the hotel are particularly large and require extra long drains covering more than two metres. Here, Unidrain has supplied special drains made to the customer’s dimensions. The other 80 bathrooms have been fitted with Unidrain linear drains with the Custom solution, where the classic steel Unidrain grating has been replaced with the same marble as the rest of the bathroom. This solution makes the drain almost invisible.

Tailor-made solutions that add the finishing touch to the coveted wellness experience are what we want in our bathrooms in 2018.

Read more about Unidrain’s special drains here. 

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