Create the perfect bathroom with large tiles and a linear drain

Large tiles have conquered bathrooms the world over and have become synonymous with luxury and contentment. But the large formats make it hard to get the right slope, unless you use a linear drain placed against the wall.

Raw surfaces, natural materials and a personal touch down to the smallest detail. The bathroom has become one of the most intimate rooms in the home, where we express our personality with candlelight, luxurious towels on the hooks and plants on the windowsill. The feeling of calm and contentment is completed by the large tiles on the floor and walls and in the shower cubicle, to create a harmonious look. 

These large tiles have taken over the bathroom in a big way in the last ten years, as the original Unidrain linear drain has made its mark. “Yes, the stylish design is almost a must for the large formats. It is far more difficult to drain off the water with a traditional drain in the floor,” says the technical manager at Unidrain Lasse Lyck:

“A traditional drain requires a slope from all four corners of the cubicle and that is very difficult, if not impossible, to manage with the large tile formats. Unidrain linear drains are placed along the wall, however, so all you need is a slope from one side. This makes it much easier to fit the large tiles with the correct slope so that the water is drained off away from the moisture-sensitive elements,” says Lasse Lyck, technical manager at Unidrain.

Unidrain’s original linear drain was designed and developed by the architect Claus Dyre, who thought not only about design and functionality in his groundbreaking invention. He was also concerned with finding a safe solution that would put an end to the many faults and problems associated with fitting and installing drains in bathrooms. That is why Unidrain linear drains are equipped with a set of patented steel flanges to ensure that the water is kept away from the most critical areas of the bathroom.

“At Unidrain, safety is the be-all and end-all. That’s why our linear drains are 100 percent watertight and help to keep the bathroom free from moisture and water damage,” concludes Lasse Lyck.

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