Custom-designed solutions offer unique possibilities

Tailor-made solutions are one of Unidrain’s core competencies. Extra-long drains, different surfaces and tiles that match the bathroom floor are among the many exclusive design options.

The perfect bathroom calls for perfect solutions, down to the smallest detail. We have become more aware of this in Denmark, where custom-designed solutions are gaining ground.

“We are seeing a clear increase in the demand for special design. Both private consumers and the professional market are looking for solutions that fit exactly to the individual bathroom. Once, they were very cautious and stuck to the safe standard solutions, but that is not the case any more. Both consumers and professionals have become more bold and style-conscious,” says Henrik Handschuh, sales manager at Unidrain.

From building blocks to customised solutions

At Unidrain we have adapted to the market. That’s why we provide a wealth of custom-designed solutions that ensure consistency and clean lines in the bathroom.
“Our drains are the building blocks which can be combined in different ways to produce customised solutions. For example, we can supply drains which are available in any length you want, have a very special tile to hide the channel or come in a modern finish. The many options allow you to achieve the perfect bathroom with an unprecedented uniformity,” says Henrik Handschuh.
“If the customer has chosen a fixture in brass, and wants to carry the brass look all the way through, we can supply a drain with a brass finish. Or if the choice was for a marble floor, we can provide a solution on which to fit a marble tile and achieve an almost invisible drain. It is important for us to be faithful to the materials and design line,” he continues.

Flexibility and online configuration

Unidrain special drains are very flexible solutions for bathrooms of all sizes. The drains differ from the standard dimensions and can be obtained in exactly the desired length.
“More and more people are asking for this highly flexible customised solution. The drains are made up of several different floor drains, and our online configurator can help you find the right special drain,” says Henrik Handschuh.
You can find the configurator here: or read more about our bespoke drains here 

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