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Drains that zig-zag, are extra long or need to fit several showers. Sometimes standard sizes are not the right solution. That’s why we have developed a drawing program that lets you break with the standards and design the perfect drain.

Standard sizes of doors, cabinets, ceiling tiles and shower cubicles. Life is full of standards, but fortunately there are also many projects that break with the standards and require you to think creatively and in brand new ways. To this end, we have developed an online configurator that you can use to design the perfect drain that may be up to several metres long. 

“Our special drains fit down to the last 10 mm. We build the drain up from different lengths and adjust the final result with a series of spacers. The spacers enable you to allow for awkward beams and the like in the floor structure so you get a drain that fits the room. You can make it just as long as you want,” says Jacob Honoré, product manager at Unidrain.

We call the configurator ‘Configure bespoke drains’ and you can find it at the bottom of the page. From here, simply select the shape of your drain and enter the size of the shower cubicle. You can also choose between our HighLine or ClassicLine design solutions.

An unbroken whole The solution is available both for linear drains placed against the wall and for freestanding drains that can be placed further out in the room. Once the system has your information and preferences for the design, the exact right length will be determined and the individual sections welded together to make an unbroken whole. 

“If you just put the linear drains end to end, you would get a gap of 100 mm between the individual frames. You would not have the same sense of an unbroken strip that you get with the special drains. Our system also makes it easy to hide uneven dimensions so the final result looks harmonious and streamlined,” explains Jacob Honoré.

The configurator is often used by suppliers, builders and architects. One of the smartest things about the program is that you can sit at your computer and find the perfect combination to suit your project. Once you have found the right solution, it is just a matter of ordering it from our customer service.

If you want to read more about our special drains, you will find more information on the ‘bespoke drains’ page.

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