Dream bathroom becomes a reality in Østerbro house

Bare feet on a floor of white, marble-look tiles. Hot baths under two shower heads placed opposite each other. This was the big dream for a couple in Østerbro when they came to renovate their bathroom. Fortunately, this dream came true thanks to special drains from Unidrain and the right tiles.

A few years ago, husband and wife Claus and Trine moved back home from New York. Their new address in Denmark was Strandøre in Østerbro. A thorough renovation of the bathroom was top of their to-do list when they got home. And this is where we came into the picture:

“The couple are very aware of the small details and have a strong aesthetic sense. So they wanted marble-look tiles with the fewest possible joins, as well as one long drain to fit the two showers. This puts demands on the drain solution, which must be able to handle large amounts of water, be aesthetically pleasing and include just the right tile,” explains our consultant Carsten Brandt.

“Here we are the only people on the market who can deliver a solution that meets all three needs, and where technology and aesthetics work in harmony. It has to be said that the couple only made progress with their dream bathroom because we were able to deliver custom dimensions.”

The result was a module 1100 Custom drain, which is extra long – almost 1.8 metres – and matches the specific dimensions of the shower cubicle. This is a solution which is often chosen by project builders, but which can also be used in private homes.

Elegant expression

The extra-long drain has an integrated marble-look porcelain tile on top, which is particularly easy to clean. The integrated tile makes the drain almost invisible, as it blends with the floor.

“The result is incredibly neat and the installer has done a great job. More and more people are choosing solutions like this. It gives an exclusive look where the only signs of a drain are the small grooves that ensure that the water can run away from the floor,” Brandt explains.

Advice is the be-all and end-all

We have acted as consultants from the start of the project. We have advised both the end-customer and the installer, who needs to be well-qualified for projects like these.

“Advice is the be-all and end-all in cases like this. Without it, you risk ending up with a result where the slope is not correct, the tile does not match the rest of the floor, or the dimensions are wrong. It is important to us for the end-product to be just right, both technically and aesthetically.”

As well as the module 1100 drain, the owners chose our accessories from our Reframe Collection in several places in the bathroom. In the shower you will find our soap shelf and magnetic scraper, while our toilet roll holders, towel hooks and toilet brushes are also well represented.

Design your next bespoke drain with our online configurator.

And read more about module 1100 drains here.

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