From 80s vinyl to ultra-modern bathroom

Vinyl had its heyday in the bathrooms of the 1980s. But this practical material still has a place today. Laurits Nielsen in Frederikshavn has just renovated a bathroom and transformed his boring old-fashioned shower cubicle into a modern shower with vinyl and Scandinavian design from Unidrain.

Many bathrooms from the 70s and 80s have vinyl floors. If the bathrooms have not yet been renewed, they will now need through renovation, because vinyl does not last for ever. With old vinyl floors, there is often a boring round drain, and it is a good idea to replace it with an elegant design when the bathroom is renovated.

From round and boring to slim and elegant

Laurits Nielsen from Frederikshavn recently renovated a bathroom dating from 1983 with flowered wall tiles, a vinyl floor and an old-fashioned drain, and a worn-out curtain in the shower cubicle.

“All of the tiles in our bathroom were cracked, and that resulted in moisture damage. And the screws for the drain in the shower cabinet had started to come up through the vinyl floor. So our 1980s bathroom was in urgent need of renovation,” recalls Laurits Nielsen. He goes on: “Now we have a modern bathroom with light-coloured vinyl on the walls and floor. The tired old shower curtain has been replaced with a glass screen, and the old round drain has been replaced with a slim and elegant solution from Unidrain. It has almost become a wellness experience just to go into the bathroom!”

Easy and quick conversion

One of the many advantages of vinyl is its lightness. There are no heavy elements, and drying times are very short. So you can get a new bathroom in just a few days with a vinyl finish, whereas a bathroom in concrete can take several weeks to finish. “A vinyl finish is an all-in-one solution for a wet room. The design is in just three parts – a load-bearing structure of wooden joists, a sheet of plywood, and lastly vinyl laid directly on the plywood. So you don’t need a wet-room membrane as you do with a bathroom in concrete, because the vinyl covering itself is watertight. So a 1980s bathroom can be renovated easily and quickly,” explains Lasse Lyck, technical manager at Unidrain. That is why many bathroom owners are now choosing vinyl again when they come to renovate, because concrete requires big changes. And now they can bring Unidrain’s famous design into the shower cubicle together with the practical and convenient vinyl floor.

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