GlassLine annexes Iceland

Nice, nicer, Iceland. The country that amazes and captivates time after time with its spectacular scenery. Here people have also become aware of Unidrain’s stylish solutions, including GlassLine, which has been chosen for newly-built luxury apartments in the town of Akureyri. 

In the northeast of Iceland is the charming gem of a seaport called Akureyri. Surrounded by high, snow-capped mountains, Akureyri winds along the wide fjord whose crystal-clear waters cut into the land in a very distinctive U shape.

Akureyri, also known as the capital of northern Iceland, is the fourth largest city in the country. It is a vibrant university town, which also attracts young people, families with children and pensioners. The town offers a mixture of modern properties and well-preserved old houses. There is something for all tastes.

Apartments for connoisseurs

A complex with 48 luxury apartments is being built in the town centre. The first apartments are already occupied, and the whole project will be finished in January 2020.

Its nearest neighbour is nature in the raw, with the fjord and the mountain peaks reaching as far as the eye can see. It is rough and rugged, yet fine and minimalist. It is the epitome of Iceland – in a luxurious way.

“There is no doubt that the apartments are some of the most exclusive in the whole city. This is where you live if you can afford it and are willing to pay for luxury and exclusivity,” says Arnar Árnarson, sales and marketing manager at Tengi, which distributes Unidrain’s solutions in Iceland.

High demands for the bathrooms

For the shower cubicles in the 48 bathrooms, the developer, Miðstöð ehf, chose Unidrain. The choice complements the minimalist and exclusive style to be found throughout the luxury apartments.

“The developer wanted a solution that could meet the apartments’ high standards and the desire for 100% security. After viewing Unidrain’s solutions in our nearby showrooms, they were in absolutely no doubt: GlassLine was to be installed in the 36 large bathrooms and ClassicLine in the remaining 12 slightly smaller bathrooms. The solutions completely lived up to the strict demands for both expression and function,” says Arnar Árnarson.

“I have subsequently heard from the residents who have moved in that they are very happy with their new shower cubicles. The solutions complement the luxurious look that characterises the new apartments. And the security is also first-rate, which is just as important.”

Unidrain in Icelandic

Iceland is one of the major markets for Unidrain. With projects like the Reykjavik Lights Hotel, Hotel Blue Lagoon, Hotel Hamar and Hotel Borg, our design solutions have gained a foothold in the Icelandic market.

“Unidrain is well-thought-out Danish design of high quality, which is very popular in this country. At Tengi we are seeing great demand for solutions that are aesthetically pleasing, functional and secure. Unidrain is a pioneer in the field and we are very proud to be able to call ourselves Unidrain suppliers in Iceland,” concludes Arnar Árnarson.    

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