GlassLine: Design and safety combined

With our exclusive GlassLine series for shower cubicles, you don’t have to choose between sleek design and a secure wet room. You get both together. The GlassLine series is an elegant and aesthetically pleasing quality solution where the fall, drain and shower screen are combined in one product.
Effective wet room protection 

A beautiful design is no good if the shower cubicle is not protected against wet room damage. Once it has been damaged, it can be very expensive to renovate the bathroom, both for the customer and for you as a craftsman. That’s why it’s a good idea to think about safety from the start – and that’s just what you do with our GlassLine series.

  • First of all, the frame for the drain has a built-in 2 per cent fall, as recommended. That makes it incredibly easy to get a precise fall. The drain design also reduces the risk of installation errors, and fitting times are significantly shorter.
  • Secondly, the drain is an enhancement of the original Unidrain linear drain, so it has the same floor and wall flanges. This takes care of the critical corners and the transitions between the wall and floor surfaces, and ensures that the shower is completely wet room compliant.
  • Last but not least, the glass can be installed without the need for a glazier. This means you don’t have to spend time coordinating with another craftsman, as you can fit the glass screen into the slot in the mounting in your own time, either before or after tiling.
Beautiful design

The shower screen is attached without any visible screws or fittings, but is simply placed in a discreet steel frame along the wall and floor, so it almost seems to float. There are several designs for the shower screen, and you can add a shower door and top rail from the same series. 

In other words, GlassLine is a shower cubicle with a stylish and minimalist look – tailored to the customer’s wishes.

Read more about the series or view it here.

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