Homes must exude exclusivity and personality

The modern home is full of personality, exclusive solutions and natural materials. This is the verdict of interior design architect Karin Olesen.

A home with prefabricated all-in solutions, few colour nuances and a score of zero on the creativity account. An impersonal home where any name could appear on the mailbox. This scenario is past history. Modern interior design exudes personality and tailor-made solutions.

“Personal interior design is something that many of us dream of. The home must be a place that we have customised, from interior to exterior. From the little bowl we fell in love with on holiday in Spain, to the continuity between kitchen and bathroom. Everything must exude personality,” says Karin Olesen, who is co-owner of the interior design consultancy Kubik Indretning.

We have become much more style-conscious. Under the motto of ‘my home reflects the person I am’ we are continually looking for inspiration on the Internet and fine-tuning our personal style.

“Our access to the Internet has made it easy to find inspiration, gain broad design knowledge and then create our own style. A medium like Pinterest can be used to create your own personal noticeboard, with unique items from your home. You can also search among posts from other users, save the posts, and adapt them in your own interior design. This is a key aspect of creating a personal style with inspiration from other design lovers all over the world,” says Karin Olesen.

We want our homes to be exclusive, using natural materials

Exclusive homes are at the top of the our wish lists. We arrange our homes with beautiful, cohesive solutions with a high exquisiteness factor.

“Good quality is vital. It reflects our personal style and must be visible right down to the last detail. It’s the common thread that brings everything together. We want to keep our products for many years, so they must be of good quality,” explains Karin Olesen, who has been advising Danes about interior design since 1995. 

Natural materials are also a key element of our interior design. We cannot get enough wood, marble and slate.

“Nature has really found its way into our homes. We love plank tables with visible knots, clothes stands made of beautiful branches, and slate boards to serve food on, etc. These natural materials help to personalise our interiors in a beautiful, slightly random and simple way. The impression should be that everything has been put together on a random basis, even when this is definitely not the case,” says the interior design architect.

Wellness atmosphere in the bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms to which we give highest priority and spend the most money on. These are rooms that are very spacious in newly-built homes.

“In the kitchen, we want to prepare gourmet meals at the weekend and cook easy, healthy food on an everyday basis. The kitchen must be functional, with appliances of good quality, and also be a place to sit and relax. That’s why lots of space is needed. We also have the very popular large bathrooms, with good opportunities to create a wellness atmosphere. Wellness does not have to be confined to luxury hotels and spas. It needs to be part of our bathrooms, as space where we can relax after a busy day,” says Karin Olesen, before concluding:

“Consistent use of materials and surfaces helps to make bathrooms attractive. We pay a lot of attention to the small details, and bathroom accessories are at least just as important as the larger elements in the room. These accessories also need to be exclusive and match our personal style.”

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