Make installation easier with the new wall flange for ShowerLine

Our ShowerLine fitting has been updated with a flexible wall flange. This means that the fitting can now be adapted to tricky corners, making installation easier.

The desire for a 100% secure and watertight shower cubicle is satisfied with our specially designed ShowerLine drain unit.

ShowerLine is fixed to the wall with a special flange and cast into the floor. The drain automatically ensures that there is a built-in 2% fall, facilitating the casting process. 

Our patented flange system has been further enhanced in the ShowerLine fitting. It makes the drain the strongest and most secure installation ever for shower cubicles.

Updating ShowerLine

We have further enhanced ShowerLine to make installation easier. This means that not just the security but also the installation is top notch.

“In the original ShowerLine solution, the wall flange is welded in place, so it fits an exact 90° corner. However, this creates problems if you are dealing with a tricky corner in the shower cubicle, which is not exactly 90°,” says product manager Jacob Honoré.

“That is why we have upgraded ShowerLine with a wall flange that is not welded on. The flange is flexible and can be adjusted more easily.” 

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