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The bathroom is the most expensive and most problematic room in the home. If moisture gets into the underlying structures, or if the slope is built incorrectly, you risk legal costs running into thousands of kroner. If you use the Unidrain linear drain or the GlassLine shower cubicle with integrated drain, you don’t need to worry. We have made sure to keep the water away and create the perfect slope so you can do the best possible job. We start with the linear drain, which is the foundation of Unidrain’s unique brand. The linear drain is made with specially patented flanges that make Unidrain one of the world’s safest floor drains:

“Unidrain is the world’s first linear drain, which is extremely safe with a set of patented vertical flanges in stainless steel. The flanges keep the water away from the underlying structures. The flanges go up the wall and are made of stainless steel so the drains and flanges are linked in an unbroken whole. The flanges ensure that the water from the drain never gets near the sensitive supporting elements that cannot withstand moisture. You place the drain alongside the finished wall and then apply the wetroom membrane. Finally, the mason fits the tiles and the shower cubicle is finished,” says the technical manager at Unidrain, Lasse Lyck.

Easy, safe and quick

Unidrain not only helps the plumber to create a flawless bathroom. The work of the mason also becomes a lot easier. The linear drain means that the mason only needs to lay the floor with a slope to one side. Our GlassLine shower cubicle has a built-in frame with a 2 percent slope. In this way you avoid errors in the measurement phase or in laying the floor.

In GlassLine the floor drain and shower screen are built together in a frame. The frame has a built-in 2 percent slope towards the drain, so it is easy to get it right. You fit the frame with screws in the wall and mould the floor inside the frame. This gives you a slope that meets the applicable requirements. “When the floor is dry, the solution is further sealed with wet room membrane before you lay the tiles,” says Lasse Lyck.

“In a traditional bathroom project, the glazier fits the glass screen at the end, so all the joints are visible. If you use GlassLine, you do not need a glazier on the project. It is easier to coordinate when only the plumber and the mason are involved. And it’s a much smarter solution. The design of the shower screen means that screws and fittings are hidden under the tiles, and the solution looks more stylish,” says Lasse Lyck.

NB! Piping must always be installed by an authorised plumber.

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