New black frame gives our exclusive shower screen a raw look

We’ve expanded our elegant GlassLine range with a new design for the shower screen. It’s now available with a minimalist black frame that creates a simple and eye-catching look.

Although travelling has been put on hold for most people, we can still imagine the vibrant urban life of the Big Apple. If you long for a slice of the raw and industrial New York style, you can recreate the atmosphere in your bathroom thanks to our latest addition.

The glass screen in 10 mm high-quality glass is surrounded by a simple black frame in powder-coated metal, and is a design addition to the existing GlassLine system, where the glass wall is lowered into the ShowerLine fixture, thus forming a unified solution for the shower niche.

Give your bathroom a raw look

Aesthetics, quality and functionality come together in the GlassLine range, which is easy and quick to install and provides effective wet room protection. The new product adds a graphic touch to the elegant all-in-one solution:

“We’re seeing more and more people choose the elegant New York style for their home interiors, so we’re pleased to offer our new shower screen design with a black frame that adds to that raw look. The frame creates some simple and elegant lines in the bathroom and lets you give full reign to your design visions,” says Kim Maretti, Marketing Manager at Unidrain. He continues:

“You can choose to go all out with the style and combine the shower screen with rustic tiles with a concrete look and other industrial or black features. Or you can create a contrast to the black frame of the shower screen with delicate pastels and white shades.”

Facts about the new design for the shower screen:
  • Available in three standard sizes: 800/900/1000 mm.
  • Cleantec nano-coated glass for easier cleaning
  • Can be mounted on the right or left
  • Mounted without visible screws and fittings
  • The black frame hides the tile edge
  • Fits tile thicknesses up to 15 mm for wall tiles and up to 20 mm for floor tiles
  • To be combined with the ShowerLine drain unit (mounted on left or right)

See the brochure for the whole GlassLine system here and see more about our new design here.

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