New outlet unit with low installation height for faster installation

Solutions with low installation heights are in demand, for a number of reasons. We’re expanding our range with a newly developed outlet unit with a height of just 69 mm. The solution includes a water trap with a height of 50 mm, and one of the main benefits is faster and easier installation.

We’ve just launched a new outlet unit with extra-low installation height and a brand-new water trap with a height of 50 mm. At 69 mm, the new outlet unit is almost 20 mm lower than the manufacturer’s existing outlet units:

“We’ve developed a solution where the building height is lowered by almost 20 mm, and this actually means a lot in construction. The extra-low outlet unit and water trap provide several benefits on the construction site, making installation both easier and faster. In particular, renovation and conversion projects can benefit from a lower drainage installation that’s easier to build into an existing floor,” says Lasse Lyck, Technical Manager at Unidrain.

A lower solution with lots of capacity

With a water capacity of 32 litres per minute, the solution is well above the minimum requirement of 24 litres per minute. The result is a water trap that effectively guides the water out of the shower while keeping smell away:

“Without compromising on function and effectiveness, we keep the height as low as possible, so the installation also ends up being very low.  So we’ve optimised the solution in terms of size and at the same time retained all its benefits and lots of capacity,” says Lasse Lyck.

In addition to being VA-approved, the product meets all common Danish standards, such as BR18 (including SBi Guideline 252) and DS 432. In addition, the solution meets the important European standard EN1253 and is thus approved in most European countries.

You can listen to our Product Manager Jacob Honoré talk about the new outlet unit here.

Read more about the product here. 

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