New outlet units for greater flexibility

We are constantly developing our products to adapt them to today’s construction methods. That is why we have launched three outlet units, which offer several options for many different projects.

We are delighted to present them to you: our three outlet units, which have become part of the Unidrain family. The outlet units are enhanced versions of our existing solutions, which is a necessity in an industry where new requirements crop up all the time.

“We always aim to cover every conceivable element of a building project that supports the new requirements for customers which are constantly arising in modern construction. This means that we have to develop our products to make life as easy as possible for the fitter. With a lot of good input from Danish plumbers, this can be achieved – and makes for happy end-customers,” says our technical manager Lasse Lyck.

Higher drain pipes and outlet units

The pipe to one outlet unit (Ø50 – 1416.0050) has been raised by approx. 2 cm. This can make it easier for the installer to create the right fall.

“In some cases, it may be advantageous to have an outlet that sits higher up as it creates a better fall towards the downpipe, which makes for greater flexibility for the plumber,” explains Lasse Lyck.

The change to the second outlet unit (Ø75 – 1421.0075) concerns the upper part. This has been raised by 18 mm.

The outlet unit is now also available in a version where the upper part is higher, which means that the solution can be easily used in a room with wooden boards or dovetail plates. In this case it is important to offer outlet units in different variants to suit the specific project. The outlet unit with raised top is well-suited to apartment buildings.

The last outlet unit (Ø75 –1433.0075) has a water trap and Ø32 side inlet, compared to the usual Ø40. On this outlet unit we have reduced the installation height by 31 mm compared to our standard outlet units and, like the other two, this offers flexibility to the installer.

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