New! Self-cleaning water trap developed for our line drain

Now you can offer your customers a self-cleaning water trap for Unidrain line drains. Developed with a focus on high capacity, this water trap is a sought-after solution that effectively prevents clogging of the drain with grime, hair and soap residues.

Self-cleaning water trap

Although we rarely receive complaints about our products, it can be annoying for the end-user to have to clean out hair and grime from the drain. This new, self-cleaning water trap minimises the need for cleaning, while eliminating any unpleasant odours from the drain.

We’ve managed to achieve a capacity of 0.4–0.6 l/s, depending on the type of outlet unit. So, the water trap is more than adequate for everyday needs,” explain Unidrain Product Engineer Mia Borst Stuhr and continues:

Avoid odors and cleaning with a self-cleaning water trap

“The water trap is designed without sharp edges and is angled that enable fast, efficient flow-through. One of the functions of the carefully calibrated inlet and outlet areas is to maximise the water trap’s capacity. This keeps the water trap working optimally and efficiently in any drainage situation,” optimalt og effektivt i enhver afløbssituation.”

Easy to install

– It has been emphasised that the water trap must be easy to install. The water trap is clearly marked to show the direction of installation. And we’ve given it wings to ensure that the water trap sits completely level in the unit,” Mia concludes. She has been involved from the initial concept of the water trap through to the final product. 

The new water trap can be used with the six most commonly used outlet units, including older, pre-2011 models, and naturally it meets the requirements of the European EN1253 standard and is VA-approved.

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Det nya vattenlåset passar till de 6 mest använda utloppshusen
Kan ersätta dessa två typer av Unidrain vattenlås

Can replace these two types of Unidrain traps
(if mounted at the top of the outlet unit)


The new water trap at a glance

-High capacity of 0.4–0.6 l/s depending on the outlet unit used
-Specially developed for Unidrain line drains
-Suitable for the most commonly used outlet units, including older, pre-2011 models
-Easy to install: Little wings ensure that the water trap sits completely level in the unit

– GTIN-number: 5707692013558

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