Repackaged Unidrain Square drains bring you design consistency

Unidrain’s Square drains are being relaunched in four practical package deals. Responding to market input, each bundle contains everything the installer needs: adhesive, pipe reductions, water traps and detailed instructions for easy installation. Now, maintaining the same aesthetic throughout any project is simpler than ever.
Quality design in practical packages

Just like our linear drains, the Unidrain Square drains were originally offered as individual parts, with installers picking out and putting everything together according to each individual task. Now, the range is being relaunched in four handy pre-packed boxes, each of which contain all the parts needed to resolve a specific job.

‘We’ve noted that our customers have requested a simpler solution, so today the Square drain portfolio has been pruned and packaged to match market needs. We now offer four complete Square packages, which, among other things, give you access to the lowest installation height on the market, an elegant 10×10 tile finish and a classic 10×10 and 15×15 grate and frame,’ says Jonas Littau, Product Engineer at Unidrain.

Low installation height and 10×10 tile solution

Two out of the four package solutions feature the Custom 10×10 tile solution – a very elegant, discreet solution that sets Unidrain apart from other providers in the square drain market.

’Many see an advantage in hiding the drain beneath a tile, leaving only a 6 mm gap visible,’ Jonas Littau elaborates.

The low installation height that characterises two of the bundled solutions is another notable advantage of the new Square packages. The low installation height makes installation both easier and faster. Renovation and conversion projects in particular can benefit from a lower drain installation, which is easier to build into an existing floor.

Unidrain for the whole house

’With the new Square packages, we adjust our portfolio of products to respond directly to customer needs. The relaunch thus supports Unidrain’s position as a supplier of everything you need for the bathroom or utility room.’

’With the relaunch, we also wish to call attention to the possibility of ensuring a consistent design aesthetic within a given building or home. Our Line drains are extremely popular with many architects and design-conscious clients, and the Square drain range makes the same quality and unique visual appeal available for square drains as well – which is very helpful where multiple drains are needed in the same room, in smaller extra bathrooms, utility rooms and so on. We’ve simply picked out the best elements of the range and packed them up for you,’ Jonas Littau concludes.

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