Scenic Lofoten: from fishing village to luxury villa

Villa Ørsvågvær in Lofoten, where historical charm meets modern design. Interior designer Annette Nordström has transformed this venerable 19th-century villa into a luxury rental property, perfectly framed by northern Norway’s dramatic scenery.
Villa Ørsvågvær utleiebolig i Lofoten

Situated in the heart of Kabelvåg – a historic fishing village framed by Lofoten’s magnificent scenery – Villa Ørsvågvær has now been transformed into an elegant rental property. This stately 19th-century villa, now part of Skårungen Basecamp Lofoten, towers majestically on a hill overlooking the northern Norwegian coast. Ørsvågvær, with its rich history, was once a bustling fishing village where the owner had a commanding view of the area from this venerable villa. Today the villa has been refurbished and interior designer Annette Nordstrøm has woven together the historical charm of the place with modern comfort. The area now serves as a tourist attraction, offering various rental options, including the beautiful villa, preserved and refurbished to give guests a unique insight into Lofoten’s history and culture.

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Annette Nordstrøm, known for her extensive experience in interior design and photography, has brought Villa Ørsvågvær to life by combining classic elegance with modern comforts. With 20 years’ experience and a trans-Scandinavian background, Annette has used her unique ability to create spaces that are not only visually impressive but also inviting and immensely practical. Her work at Villa Ørsvågvær represents a deep understanding of how to respect and safeguard a building’s historical heritage, while adding modern elegance and comfort.

Innovative elegance in every room

Villa Ørsvågvær includes seven unique bedrooms, a large kitchen with dining area, living room with fireplace and two beautifully designed bathrooms, as well as washrooms. The bathrooms demonstrate luxury and functionality, adorned with Unidrain’s sophisticated solutions.

Bathroom 1, painted in Jotun LADY Aqua “Lys Granitt”, reflects timeless elegance with its blend of powder-pink, white, black and brass details by Unidrain. This includes the HighLine Colour brass line drain and accessories from the Reframe Collection such as a soap shelf with magnetic shower wiper, towel rails, towel hooks, toilet roll holder and toilet brush, all of which contribute to the luxurious atmosphere of the room.

Bathroom 2 presents a slightly bolder expression with green walls and black details, creating a contemporary, sophisticated feel. Black HighLine Colour line drains and matching Reframe Collection accessories accentuate the elegant character of the room.

Warm welcome and washroom under the stairs
Adjacent to the villa’s warm and inviting entrance hall, we find the washroom under the stairs. This small but important room continues the villa’s aesthetic theme using brass details by Unidrain that capture and reinforce the golden tones from the entrance walls, creating a cohesive experience of luxury throughout the villa.

Renowned interior designer and photographer Annette Nordström says: “I exclusively choose Unidrain for their unparalleled combination of practicality, security against leaks, and innovation, as well as for the design and visual styling that their products offer.” She continues:
The Reframe Collection, with its wide range of bathroom accessories, comes in the same sophisticated colours as the line drains. This makes it easy to create a cohesive style in your bathroom by matching all metal details, harmonising perfectly with products from most shower and washbasin mixer suppliers. The villa in Lofoten is not the first project where I have chosen Unidrain and it will definitely not be the last.

Villa Ørsvågvær is more than a rental villa; it is a masterpiece of Scandinavian design and craftsmanship, ready to offer an unforgettable experience in Lofoten. This project stands as a testament to what can be achieved when tradition meets innovation – a true inspiration for anyone who values design and history, hand in hand.

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