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The bathroom is the most vulnerable room in the home. The greatest risk of faults comes during the construction of the bathroom. And once an error has been made, it is both expensive and difficult to fix it. Unidrain’s revolutionary and secure linear drains minimise the risk of complaints and moisture damage.

Up until around 10 years ago, both plumbers and masons struggled to lay the floor in the shower cubicle so the fall was correct on all four sides of the drain in the middle. This was a task that demanded great precision, and which unfortunately resulted in a lot of faults. But at that time there were no alternative solutions. The drain had to be placed in the middle of the floor, at a safe distance from the walls and where the supporting elements would not be exposed to rot or mould. This all changed when the architect Claus Dyre invented Unidrain’s patented wall flanges which go up to the wall.

“It is the flanges that make Unidrain’s original linear drain the safest floor drain in the world. The horizontal wall flanges are made of stainless steel, and the drain and flanges form an integrated unit. The flanges ensure that the water from the drain never gets close to the supporting elements, which cannot withstand moisture. So, instead of placing the drain in the middle of the shower cubicle, it can be moved right over to the wall. In practice, the drain is placed along the finished wall, the wet-room membrane is added, and finally the mason lays the tiles,” explains Lasse Lyck, technical manager for Unidrain A/S.

Find out more about Unidrain’s linear drain here.

All the masons now have to do is lay the floor with a fall towards one wall. In this way, the revolutionary wall flanges have made it much easier to construct a shower cubicle, and the risk of complaints and moisture damage is reduced to a minimum with Unidrain’s linear floor drain.

“We have perfected the design over the years to make installation as easy as possible. That saves the fitters valuable working time,” concludes Lasse Lyck.

View our installation videos, showing how to fit the drains correctly, quickly and securely.

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