The world’s most watertight linear drain for modern tiles

One of the big trends of our time is a break with tradition when it comes to bathroom tiles. One element of this is heavier tiles, up to 20 mm thick. In order to accommodate this trend we have enhanced our linear drain to provide it with an extra wide rear flange.

Coloured tiles, patterned tiles, thin tiles, thick tiles. It has become fashionable in recent years to finish your bathroom with new types of tiles – 
and this includes the thickness of the tiles. In the past, the typical bathroom tile was 10 mm thick, but that is not necessarily true any more.

“We are seeing a tendency for people to choose tiles that are 20 mm thick. That’s why we have enhanced our linear drain so it can also be used with thicker tiles,” says technical manager Lasse Lyck.
Our standard linear drains are adjusted for 10mm tiles on the rear wall, but by moving the rear flange on the fixture we can now cater for tiles 20 mm thick.

“Our main job is to provide the fitter with solutions that please the end-customer. That is why we are delighted to add this solution to our range,” says Lyck.

If you are not sure which fitting to choose, remember that you can always contact our customer service desk, who will be happy to help you.

You will find a data sheet for a fitting with extra wide rear flange here

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