Unidrain in new colours

Unidrain is taking the personal bathroom to a higher level with elegant new surfaces which allow you to give a brass, copper, polished steel or cool black finish to the drain in your shower cubicle.

“The bathroom is no longer a clinical white space which aims to look as clean as possible. It has become a room in which we express our personalities just as we do in the kitchen or the living room. So we are also seeing more and more natural materials finding their way into the most intimate room in the home,” says Unidrain’s Marketing Manager Birgitte Arendsdorf Olsen. 

Wood, marble and slate in the bathroom are increasingly finished off with fittings in new colours which signal luxury and leisure. Now Unidrain is enabling you to perfect the style with a range of new colours for its famous HighLine stainless steel drains. The new range is called HighLine Colour and comes in brass, copper, matt black and polished stainless steel.

HighLine Colour allows you to tailor your bathroom decor down to the smallest detail. If you like marble tiles and brass taps, you can choose a matching drain in Unidrain’s stylish design. You can also go for the smart warm copper colour which has become popular in recent years. On the other hand, if you prefer cooler surfaces, you can choose a polished steel or matt black colour for the drain.

The world is full of surfaces – make them personal.

Facts about HighLine Colour:

HighLine Colour is made of brushed stainless steel which is then PVD treated in a brass, copper or black finish for optimum maintenance and durability. You can obtain the new surfaces from your local bathroom installer. 

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