Unidrain wants more luxury in the bathroom

Unidrain wants to transform everyday routines into luxury experiences. The Danish design company has just launched a new accessory series in Unidrain's iconic design, with unique features that bring exquisite functionality, and more continuity and personality, into the bathroom.

The new series is called Reframe Collection by Unidrain and covers a multitude of designs, from towel rails to toilet roll holders, and toilet brushes. The accessories are available in a range of attractive surface colours that create a brand new look in the bathroom:

“The new series matches contemporary trends, to make the bathroom personal with natural materials such as marble, wood and slate. Now, you can complete the style with accessories in five exclusive finishes: brass, copper and black, and polished and brushed stainless steel. The accessories match the Unidrain HighLine Colour drain, so you can get a complete line in the bathroom, where colours and designs are harmoniously matched,” says Unidrain’s head designer Kenneth Waaben.

The new accessory line not only includes luxurious details, with the towel hook matching the toilet brush, since the new solutions also often have a special functionality that can make everyday life easier. An example is Unidrain’s smart shelf for the shower unit. The shower wiper is an integrated element of the design, and is held in place by a set of hidden magnets. The toilet brush is designed to reduce the risk of unwanted dripping. Even the reserve toilet roll holder has been given a functional upgrade so that the roll is always positioned exactly in the middle.

“We want to transform everyday routines into luxury experiences. This is why we have developed the small everyday items for the bathroom. We believe that people want intelligent design that makes their everyday lives easier and more inspiring,” says Kenneth Waaben.

Hotels and spas setting the trend

Reframe Collection by Unidrain is an exclusive series that Unidrain expects to appeal to design enthusiasts all over the world, as well as high-end hotels and spas that want to give their customers an extraordinary experience.

“The bathroom has become a central room in the home. We’re spending more money on interior design and want to create a personal style that signals luxury and time for relaxation. Many people are inspired by hotels and want to copy these establishments’ interior design in their private homes. For hotels, this also means that they must be up to speed with the latest trends. For them, a nice bathroom can give better ratings and attract more guests. This makes the details very important. So I expect that our new series will be welcomed by architects and designers, as well as by ordinary people with an interest in design, craftsmanship and quality,” concludes Kenneth Waaben.

See the entire Reframe Collection by Unidrain

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