Unidrain’s floor drains are an elegant and functional solution for the shower cubicle or wet room. Whether you choose the familiar linear drain, the discreet corner drain or the practical square drain, your solution will be both stylish and 100% waterproof.


Unidrain’s linear floor drain can be positioned either by the wall or as a free-standing solution. Whichever you choose, the floor drain is fitted with Unidrain’s patented flanges, to make it 100% waterproof. We also have a design solution for vinyl flooring.

The line drain comes in two design series: ClassicLine and HighLine.

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Unidrain’s bespoke drains are particularly suitable for large bathrooms and institutional environments and are manufactured to order according to the desired measurements. This means that a bespoke drain offers several options for putting together a solution that fits your project perfectly.

Whether you choose ClassicLine or HighLine, you can get a solution where the frames are installed end to end, are separated by a tile, or where a so-called flex frame is placed between them to create symmetry in the bathroom.



The corner drain is the discreet solution for bathrooms and utility rooms where space often is limited. The floor drain is significant smaller than other similar products on the market. The corner position also creates more space in the shower cubicle.

The corner drain is available in both the ClassicLine and the HighLine designs.

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indesign gulvafloeb


Unidrain’s square floor drain allows you to achieve a uniform Unidrain expression in any room where a drain is needed but a linear drain is not an option.

Unidrain always recommends a linear drain in the shower cubicle.


The Nordic climate is a challenge, with rain and mud for much of the year. MatLine, Unidrain’s mat drain, is an intelligent mat system designed for those who want to keep their home clean but also place demands on form and function.

MatLine can be used in any building and can be installed directly in the floor of a utility room or entrance hall. It’s connected to the existing pipe system, so that mud and water are automatically washed away.

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