With a black frame
Complete the shower with a matching door
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With a black frame
Elegant and Stylish
A discreet steel frame along the wall and floor
Complete the shower with a matching door
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Unidrain’s exclusive series of shower cubicles, GlassLine, is made of toughened glass and stainless steel. The glass is treated with nanotechnology to reduce cleaning to a minimum. The GlassLine shower panels are firmly fixed without any visible screws or fittings in a customised drain unit, ShowerLine, which is a further development of Unidrain’s original floor drain. A built-in rail holds the shower screen in place, making the installation strong and secure.

Two Shower Screens

Unidrain’s transparent shower screen is impregnated with nanotechnology that facilitates cleaning and comes in two different designs. Choose between the black frame for an extra smooth finish or the brushed steel frame for an elegant and timeless design. 

They both come in several sizes and can be either right- or left-aligned.

GlassLine sort ramme

Black frame

GlassLine børstet stål


Complete Your Shower Cubicle With a Shower Door

The Shower Door Seals the Shower Cubicle

If you choose the solution with a frame in brushed steel, you have the opportunity to complete and frame the shower with the shower door in the same uncompromising material as the shower screen. All materials have been carefully chosen to emphasise the elegant and timeless design, to give a smart finish and an attractive overall look to the bathroom.

The beautiful shower door comes with exclusive and stylish fittings, which emphasise the design from the steel rail at the bottom of the shower panel. It is also elegantly finished without any handle.

GlassLine bruseniche
GlassLine topstang

The Top Rail Provides Stability and a Nice Expression

The top rail stabilises the shower screen and is recommended for fitting GlassLine shower doors. Together with the sealing strip on the shower door, the top bar ensures that the joint between the wall and the door stays tight. The steel top rail comes in one length and is adjusted to the individual shower cubicle.


The technology behind the strongest and safest installation yet

Unidrain’s shower screens are fitted into the specially designed ShowerLine drain unit. ShowerLine is fixed to the wall with a special rail and moulded into the floor. The floor drain is designed to provide an automatic built-in fall of 2%, to make it easier to fit.

Unidrain’s patented flange system ensures a 100% water tight shower cubicle.

GlassLine brusevæg

The shower screen is mounted in the groove in the ShowerLine system

ShowerLine støbning

ShowerLine provides a correct fall during the casting of the floor




Shower Door