In addition to being a practical solution to everyday problems, Unidrain’s mat drain is also a design item you’ll be happy to show. MatLine can be placed in the utility room or entrance hall and is connected to the existing pipe system, so excess mud and water are automatically drained away.

MatLine børster

Nylon brushes

MatLine gummiindlæg

Rubber profiles

Intelligent mat system

Keeps your home clean

When the climate in periods is marked by slush, rain, and mud it can be hard to keep the home clean, with children and adults leading active lives.

Unidrain’s MatLine is a functional and elegant solution to day-to-day problems. The mat system consists of a mat of nylon bristles, held in place by a slim steel frame in brushed stainless steel. Dirt falls into the gaps between the brush panels and into the underlying drain unit, which is connected to the existing pipe system, so that water, slush, and snow are led away, and the floor is kept dry.

The brush panels make the mat look less dirty, and under the mat is a sand trap that catches pebbles, gravel, and sand. A lifting hook is included so you can handle the mat easily and vacuum up the excess dirt.

MatLine gulvafløb

Minimises dirt in the home

MatLine dansk design

Stylish Danish design

MatLine krog

Hook to make raising the mat easier

MatLine kobling afløb

Connects directly to the drain