Linear drain

Unidrain's linear floor drain can be positioned either by the wall or as a free-standing solution. Whichever solution you choose, the floor drain is fitted with Unidrain’s patented flanges, to make it 100% waterproof. 



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2 design series

Linear drain - ClassicLine


The original design by Unidrain

Linear drain - HighLine


The exclusive design by Unidrain


The linear floor drains are the invention that formed the basis for Unidrain. The drain is a revolutionary invention in itself, with its patented wall and floor flanges which allow it to be positioned against the wall while keeping it 100% waterproof.

ClassicLine is the original design series from Unidrain and consists of a frame and a grating. The frame is mandatory, as it holds the grating in place. Six different designs in brushed stainless steel make it a solution for every taste.


HighLine is Unidrains exclusive and prize-winning design series. Here the grating is replaced with a panel. The series includes panels in both steel and frosted glass, along with the discreet Custom solution. Here a trimmed floor tile is stuck on flush with the surrounding floor, to create an almost ‘invisible’ drain. HighLine is the series for people who want a little extra luxury.

HighLine Colour

HighLine Colour is a development of the normal HighLine range, to which we have added new finishes and colours, with the frame and panel treated to make it easier to match metal fittings in the bathroom. HighLine Colour is now available in brushed steel (hand-polished stainless steel), which provides a glossy surface like chromium plating, and brass, copper and black, all in PVD-treated brushed stainless steel.

Hand-polished stainless steel




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