Cleaning and Maintenance


Clean with style while respecting the environment. That’s the idea behind Unidrain’s cleaning kit.
The range consists of a descaler, cleaning paste, and two microfibre cloths from Biosol.
The special thing about the cleaning kit is that it’s environmentally friendly and chemical-free.
  • The cloth is ideal for washbasins, showers, toilets, mirrors, ovens and fridge

  • The universal cloth is made from eco-friendly microfibres, to reduce your consumption of soap and chemicals

  • The unique microfibres loosen and collect dirt and dust effectively

  • All you need is cold water
  • Effectively removes limescale, rust and other impurities

  • Ensures clean and shiny surfaces

  • Regular use prevents new limescale build-up

  • Does not contain colourants or perfume

  • No need for gloves

  • 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Highly concentrated eco-friendly cleaning and polishing agent for deep cleaning

  • Removes embedded dirt, leaving a shiny finish

  • The cleaning agent can be used on chrome, stainless steel, nickel, aluminium, plastic, enamel, ceramic, porcelain, tiles, etc.
  • An effective cloth which leaves your surfaces with a polished, streak-free shine

  • The glass cloth is made from eco-friendly microfibres and is used with a damp universal cloth

  • Suitable for mirrors, stainless steel, chrome, windows, etc.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Unidrain Products

Unidrain products are made from brushed stainless steel (AISI 304). The products should be cleaned regularly, so that both drain systems and other accessories last longer and function optimally, and the products retain their fine appearance.

Unidrain’s floor drains are available in two series: ClassicLine and HighLine. The parts for the two types of floor drains, drain units, frames and gratings and panels are made from brushed stainless steel (AISI 304), and outlet units, odour barriers and water traps, etc. are made from injection-moulded plastic (polypropylene). The surface of both the HighLine Colour and Reframe products is PVD-treated to produce the fine colours.


If the floor drain has been cleaned and water is still not flowing freely through the system, or an unpleasant odour is emanating from the drain, this it is a sign that the water trap has not been correctly reassembled. This occurs because the top component has been pressed down too hard, or because the water trap is not in the correct position. Remove the water trap and check that the components have been correctly reassembled with a distance of around one finger’s breadth between the top and bottom components. Push the water trap back into position at the bottom of the outlet unit.

Cleaning the Grating, Drain unit and Strainer

Stainless steel is highly durable if it is cleaned on a regular basis. The surface is covered with a thin protective layer of chromium oxide. Corrosion can occur if this protective layer is damaged, for example by impurities present in the steel itself. Strong acids or chemicals such as iodine, chlorine, fluorine or bromine can impede the oxygen reaction process, thereby removing the protective layer. 


Lift the grating and remove the strainer from the drain unit. Clean all three parts using a soft cloth or soft-bristled brush lathered with mild, non-abrasive soap and lukewarm water. Do not use steel wool. Gently polish the grating and drain in the same direction as the brushed grain. The grating can also be treated for lime deposits using ordinary descaling agents. Always follow the directions on the product label. 

Cleaning Water Traps

Disassemble the top and bottom components of the water trap by pulling them apart. Rinse the two components under running warm water. You may use soap, descaling agent and a nylon scouring pad if these are suitable for household use.

Always follow the directions on the product label.

PVD-Treated Materials

When cleaning products from Reframe Collection or HighLine Colour never spray cleaning agent directly onto the surface, as this can cause damage to the surface from the inside; always spray the cleaning agent onto a cloth or a soft sponge.

Cleaning agents with a high concentration of fluorine, chlorine and hydrogen peroxide must NOT be used.

Always rinse the surface carefully with water after using cleaning agents – residues from alkaline cleaning agents, in particular, can damage the surface. The surface is sensitive to greasy fingers, but it can be polished with a microfibre cleaning cloth.

We recommend Unidrain’s eco-friendly cleaning kit.

Cleaning Manual

Cleaning and Maintenance