A floor drain from Unidrain is a simple and safe solution that brings an elegant finish to the shower and wet room. No matter what solution you choose you will get a stylish and 100% waterproof result. 


The line drain from Unidrain consists of four parts which together create the most secure liniar drain in the world. The patented wall flanges keep the water at a safe distance from all structural elements and minimise the risk of installation errors and defects.

Unidrain’s linear floor drain can be positioned either by the wall or as a free-standing solution. We even got a design solution for vinyl flooring.


Unidrain’s bespoke drain is a tailor-made solution that is made to exact measurements. Our Bespoke solution makes it possible to install floor drains in institutional environments, hotels and spas, changing rooms and larger bathrooms.

Customised drains allow you to order floor drains that differ from the standard sizes. Choose a solution where the frames are installed side by side, where tiles are laid in between, or where the frames are adjusted with the so-called flex frame, which creates symmetry in the floor.


The corner drain is the discreet solution for bathrooms and utility rooms where space often is limited, or where a line drain isn’t an option.

The floor drain is significant smaller than other similar products on the market and the corner position gives even more room in the shower cabinet.


Unidrain’s square floor drain allows you to achieve a uniform Unidrain expression in any room – whether you’re installing a drain in the utility room, basement, under the sink or by the bathtub. Unidrain always recommends a linear drain in the shower cubicle.

We’ve put together four packages that cover the vast majority of user needs. Everything you need is packed and ready to use.


MatLine is an intelligent mat system for anyone looking for the optimum form and function.

MatLine is useful and relevant in every building. The mat system comprises: Mat, frame, sand trap and drain unit. The mat is flush with the surrounding floor. There is a sand trap under the mat to catch sand and gravel. Below that is the unit, which is cast into the floor. Height-adjustable feet can be purchased to facilitate the casting process.

MatLine can be installed in the floor of a hall or utility room. The intelligent mat is connected to the existing plumbing, so excess mud and water are drained away.