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Unidrain’s exclusive range of shower cabinets, GlassLine, is made of toughened glass and stainless steel. The glass is treated with nanotechnology to reduce cleaning to a minimum. The GlassLine shower panels are firmly fixed without any visible screws or fittings, and the drain is an integral part of the GlassLine solution. 


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Aesthetics and functionality

The GlassLine shower screens are mounted without any visible screws or fittings.
The glass shower screen almost floats in its discreet steel frame along the floor and walls.
To complete the shower cabinet, the range also includes a shower base, shower door and top bar.




Technical details

ShowerLine (Fixed module)

ShowerLine (Fixed module)

Defines one-sided slope

- Easy to install

GlassLine installation

GlassLine installation

The shower screen is mounted on a rail on to the wall

No visible fittings or screws

 Unidrain’s shower screens are fitted into the specially designed ShowerLine drain fitting and a steel profile on the wall. ShowerLine is fixed to the wall with a special rail and moulded into the floor. The floor drain is designed to provide an automatic built-in fall of 2%, to make it easier to fit. Unidrain’s patented flange system ensures a 100% waterproof shower cabinet. The system has been enhanced with the ShowerLine fitting, which makes the drain the strongest and most secure installation ever for shower cabinets.



Choose from 4 silk screen designs 

Shower screen

The glass shower screens are fitted in an elegant brushed stainless steel frame. The glass shower screens are fixed to the floor and walls without any visible fittings. Under the floor is a ShowerLine drain, an enhanced version of Unidrain’s original drain. The ShowerLine drain has a special rail to hold the shower screen, so the installation is strong and, above all, secure.

The GlassLine shower screens fit all bathrooms: They come in several sizes and can be either right or left-mounted.
The shower screens come either completely transparent or with exclusive silk screen decoration.

Shower door

The shower door frames the cabinet and is made of the same uncompromising materials as the shower screens, top bar and floor drain. All materials have been carefully chosen to emphasise the elegant and timeless design, to give a smart finish and an attractive overall look to the bathroom.

The handsome shower door comes with exclusive and stylish fittings, which emphasise the design from the steel rail at the bottom of the shower panel. It is also elegantly finished without any handle.

Top bar

The top bar stabilises the shower screen and is recommended for fitting GlassLine shower doors. Together with the sealing strip on the shower door, the top bar ensures that the joint between the wall and the door stays tight. The steel top bar comes in one length and is adjusted to the individual shower cabinet, while the glass top bar comes in three lengths.

Shower base

The combination of Unidrain shower base, shower screens and floor drain gives a smart, minimalist feel to the bathroom. The Unidrain shower base is made of top-quality glass and stainless steel. Like Unidrain’s other products, the shower base is a 100% reliable solution, which gives an architectural and stylish look to the shower cabinet. The elegant shower base is fitted as one big tile with non-slip decoration in the Stripe design. The shower base comes in three lengths and widths.




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