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Reframe Collection
by Unidrain

The Reframe Collection by Unidrain is an exclusive and unique series of bathroom accessories grounded in Scandinavian design and quality. Each product is designed with innovative, unique and intelligent features to improve functionality. The Reframe Collection is reframing the existing, bringing new functionality into bathroom accessories. Five different colour options give you the possibility of matching all metal details, conveying a subtle feeling of luxury.

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Reframe the Existing

The collection consists of familiar products that Unidrain has redesigned with innovative features.

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Matches the HighLine Series


The Reframe Collection is designed to match Unidrain’s exclusive floor drain series, HighLine Colour, and is available in: Brushed steel, black, brass, copper and hand-polished steel.

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Shower Wiper

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Toilet Brush Wall

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Corner Shelf

Reframe Collection Catalogue

See the entire collection and read about the unique features that make this accessory series extraordinary.