The Front House – Hotel Tylösand’s New Front Side

Halmstad, Sverige

År: 2023
Bygherre: AB Tylösands Havsbad
Arkitekt: Fredblad arkitekter
Øvrige samarbejdspartnere: Hovedleverandører er MTA Bygg & Anläggning og Oscar Hanson VVS.


Known for its elegance and charm, Hotel Tylösand proudly presents The Front House – the latest addition to this stunning facility.

The Front House, with its architectural brilliance, is a five-storey construction, seamlessly linked to the existing entrance, creating a harmonious flow between the buildings. Clad in the same white rendering as the rest of the hotel, this produces a harmonious sense of oneness.

The 39 spacious hotel rooms in The Front House are designed by Åsa Gessle and decorated in warm, soft colours. Inspired by Tylösand’s beach, sand and dunes, the rooms offer a relaxed ambience. All rooms have comfortable Carpe Diem beds, a sofa, desk and a bathroom with dual washbasins, shower, separate WC and an interactive TV system for simple access to favourite channels. Some of the rooms also have a balcony. HighLine Custom has been installed in 39 bathrooms.


Year: 2023
Developer: AB Tylösands Havsbad
Architect: Fredblad arkitekter
Other partners: Main suppliers are MTA Bygg & Anläggning and Oscar Hanson VVS.


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