A construction engineer describes his work: The bathroom must be built with quality solutions

The simplest path to a beautifully designed bathroom involves quality solutions, detailed information and competent advice. We spoke to Jon Koldborg, who provided insight into what’s particularly important for construction engineers when building a bathroom.

Construction engineer Jon Koldborg works at Aalborg University, where he is a project manager in the Construction Team, which handles the construction and operation of the university’s buildings. Previously, he worked as a construction engineer at New Aalborg University Hospital.

In his work, he focuses on solving all the practical issues he encounters, for example when creating high-quality bathrooms. Read his description of his work here.

From idea to finished project

I spend my workdays designing, drawing and preparing descriptions and tenders. When designing, I take into account the full range of construction issues and consider all practical aspects, but the ideas phase is definitely the most exciting for me.

When I sit with my pencil in hand, I get to create and design, and after that my most important task is to help make sure we get through all the phases, from idea to finished project.

Quality solutions have positive effects

The bathroom is one of the more complex tasks when we design new buildings and new areas in existing buildings. So it’s crucial to use quality solutions in bathrooms, as they have positive effects throughout the process: on installations, maintenance and finances.

A high-quality product means easy installation, less risk and fewer construction flaws. I also think about length of service life, operation and maintenance. It must make sense in terms of the overall budget – also in the long run – and here again quality is crucial.

These are the values I look at as a construction engineer when choosing components for bathrooms. Therefore, I select products that combine quality, functionality and design, and Unidrain’s products are excellent examples of this.

Advice creates a smooth process

I tend to gather a lot of information about the components we install in our buildings. So it’s a great help for us designers when the manufacturer’s material is clear and detailed, and when simple installation instructions are available.

Unidrain has an extensive website where it’s easy to find the right information. A good website is a great help, since I spend a lot of time researching to make sure we observe all the relevant laws and regulations. 

Also, it makes my work easier that an advisor is available for a dialogue about the best solutions.

If you also want advice and dialogue about your projects, you’re welcome to contact our architectural advisor Dennis Bagge at [email protected] or on +45 2051 7795.

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