Experience Unidrain at The Darling – Copenhagen’s exclusive guest house where art and design unite

Copenhagen is renowned for its unique blend of history, culture and design. Tucked away in the beating heart of the capital is The Darling – an exclusive design-led guest house that takes art, design and aesthetics to new heights. Our linear drain and GlassLine shower system are elegantly integrated into the bathrooms.

A journey through Danish design history

The Darling is so much more than a place to stay. It’s an experience deeply embedded with art and design, giving guests a whole new way to explore Danish design history. The Darling consists of two suites: The Grand and The Classic, each of which is styled as a private home, but packed from floor to ceiling with unique design elements. Here you will find a treasure trove of Danish art and design, from iconic furniture by Børge Mogensen, Finn Juhl, Poul Kjærholm and Arne Jacobsen to Unidrain’s sophisticated bathroom drainage solutions.

Uffe Buchard shares the narrative underlying The Darling:

“The Darling is Danish Heritage design from various eras, and our desire is to give our guests a unique tour of our design history. On the furniture front, we’ve stuck to the most iconic brands such as Børge Mogensen and Arne Jacobsen, but in the bathrooms we’ve installed Unidrain. They’ve written themselves into Danish design history in just 20 years because of their ability to elegantly combine aesthetics and practical features.”

Stylish bathroom solutions

The Grand and The Classic both have bathrooms equipped with our line drain. Our GlassLine solution – an elegant evolution of the linear drain– has also been installed in the bathroom of The Classic. The GlassLine shower system combines the advantages of the linear drainwith a floating glass shower screen in one single unit.

Attention to detail

Uffe Buchard considers it crucial for guests staying at The Darling to keep on discovering elegant new details during their stay:

“It’s no use if our guests have plumbed the depths of the suite within one hour. They must constantly be able to discover new details of design and art, and Unidrain’s solutions are an excellent example of that. You might be on your third shower before you pause and realise: ‘That’s really sophisticated!’”

Uffe Buchard highlights Unidrain’s subtle, elegant design as an example of how details can astound guests. He elaborates:

“You notice all the obvious things initially, but Unidrain is more understated in its design. And that’s exactly what’s so sophisticated about that particular design. The same applies to the floating glass screen, which is also completely self-effacing and stylish in its expression. It’s something our guests notice and appreciate.”

GlassLine shower system

The GlassLine shower system is a further development of Unidrain’s well-known linear drain. Here, the advantages of the linear drain are combined with a shower screen in a single unit that’s easy to handle and easy to install.

There’s no need for a glazier to be involved in installing the shower screen. Two people can easily install the glass screen, lowering it into the drain unit’s built-in mounting groove. The shower screen is attached to a wall rail (included) without visible screws or brackets.

Two individuals can easily install the glass wall in the fixture’s built-in mounting groove, into which the glass wall is lowered. The shower wall is secured to an included wall bracket without visible screws or fixtures.

Read more about the GlassLine shower system

Uffe Buchard and The Darling

Uffe Buchard is a prominent Danish creative director, TV host, journalist and fashion expert who has made a name for himself in the entertainment, fashion and design business since the 1990s. He is a partner and creative director at Darling Creative Studio. Uffe Buchard and partner Jens Løkke opened The Darling in 2020. The guest house focuses on Danish heritage design and progressive contemporary Danish art. Uffe Buchard curates and sells art from The Darling and currently works as both an artistic advisor and curator. He is also an enthusiastic art collector himself.

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