Full flexibility with customised drains

The FlexLine drain offers unheard-of flexibility: A single, unbroken drain unit available in custom lengths of up to 2000 mm. You decide the dimensions – and where the outlet goes

As an architect and designer, you will often find yourself needing solutions and equipment that can be tailored to specific needs. Responding to that need, Unidrain now offers a new, customisable drain unit that can be adapted to any construction project: FlexLine

– FlexLine is a customisable drain unit available in any length up to 2000 mm, giving architects very wide scope in their planning. With this option to hand, even quite bold ideas can be realised, allowing you to envision your ideal end result without worrying about whether it’s possible with standard products, or whether the location of the outlet might cause problems in terms of the floor construction and site layout, says Jacob Honoré, Product Manager at Unidrain.

Made to measure

– You could say that FlexLine builds on our modular line drain system, taking it to the next level and bringing you even greater freedom than before. With FlexLine, you can get a drain unit which is up to two meters long – delivered in exactly the length you want, down to the millimetre. And even though the drain is very long, you still benefit from low installation height, too.

The length is not the only parameter that can be customised: with FlexLine, you can also specify the desired location of the outlet and adjust several other dimensions, explains Jacob Honoré.

Created to solve practical challenges

The new solution is available in the FlexLine Custom design. With tiles cut to cover the drain, the solution is designed to seamlessly blend in with the interior, visible only by a narrow gap between the tiles where the water is led away. However, FlexLine is not just about looks, but equally much about responding to practical challenges. As Jacob Honoré puts it:

– FlexLine is highly useful for special scenarios such as listed buildings, where you need to work with and around older installations, and where the rules stipulate that you cannot change any of the basic underlying structures. Of course, many other situations also call for particularly ingenious workarounds. In such cases, having FlexLine as an option means that you don’t have to settle for a traditional square or round drain – you and your clients can still choose the practical advantages and attractive look of the line drain.

Summing up, FlexLine offers entirely new opportunities for benefiting from Unidrain’s trademark quality, safety and design.

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