Get a little piece of Venice in Copenhagen’s new canal quarter

Venice is coming to Copenhagen in February 2017, when the first residential district in Engholmene will be completed. The 192 attractive flats will not only have a fantastic view over the port of Copenhagen, they will also have functional bathrooms with Unidrain’s famous linear drains.

In the last 15 years, the port of Copenhagen has undergone a transformation from an industrial port into one of the most exclusive residential districts in Copenhagen, taking in areas like Islands Brygge, Havneholmen, Teglholmen and Sluseholmen. Engholmene is the last area around the port to complete this urban development.

Proximity to the water is the key idea behind the development of the port. Here the developers have created a ‘little Venice’ in the port of Copenhagen with flats offering a view of the port and the newly-opened canals. Kærholmen is the first of the three islands in the Engholmene group which is just in the first phase of construction now. The residential development comprises 192 attractive modern flats fitted out with an eye to functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Gröning Arkitekter worked with Arkitema to design the Engholmene project, which has been developed and built by the Danish company NPV A/S. For Kærholmen’s 293 modern bathrooms, they chose Unidrain’s streamlined and safe ClassicLine design:

“Once more, our original design has been chosen for a new residential development. That shows that style never goes out of fashion. ClassicLine is our original linear drain, which established Unidrain A/S as a company and revolutionised the bathroom by placing the drain against the wall in a 100% safe solution,” explains Unidrain’s sales consultant W. Christensen.

The linear drains from Unidrain are being fitted by the plumbing specialists Thorvald Amstrup, who undertake major contract projects connected with renovations and new builds.

“We have always used the linear drains from Unidrain and been successful with them. So we are naturally fitting ClassicLine in all the flats on Kærholmen,” says Svend Erik Amstrup, who owns Thorvald Amstrup.

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