Historic architecture meets modern minimalism in a bathroom at Rumpenheim Castle, Germany

Explore a sense of history combined with modern minimalism at Rumpenheim Castle in Germany, where interior designer Nicole Franken and her husband, architect Professor Bernhard Franken have bought an apartment and fitted it out as their own home.

Rumpenheim Castle is located in the German town of Offenbach am Main, in Hesse. The castle currently standing on the site was built in the 17th century, but its roots go all the way back to the 14th century. It was built in the Baroque style as the summer residence of the Prince of Hesse-Homburg.

Over the years, the castle has served various purposes, including as an aristocratic residence for the Hesse-Homburg family. Today the castle houses 26 private apartments and is also used for various cultural events. Nicole and Bernhard Franken have just completed the total renovation of one of these apartments, which is now their very own home. Together, Nicole and Bernhard run the renowned architectural firm Franken Generalplaner in Frankfurt, Germany.

During the four-month renovation process, the couple merged two bathrooms into one in a mirrored space. For this, they selected our iconic line drains for two shower enclosures, as well as exclusive products from the Reframe Collection to complete the vision for their new, historic home.

Baroque meets 1970’s

Rumpenheim Castle was partially destroyed during the ravages of World War II but was rebuilt in 2002. The castle exhibits many fascinating facets of historic and architectural interest; this was a source of inspiration to the couple in renovating their new home. Nicole Franken talks about the underlying vision of the Unidrain solutions, and how the couple have integrated them:

“We’ve been very intentional about respecting the castle’s history and combining the many historical styles has been so inspirational. Our bathroom has deep, green 70s-inspired marble wall tiles that complement the original baroque style of the castle. We’ve installed Unidrain’s invisibly elegant line drain and Reframe accessories as an eye-catching minimalist contrast.” 

Subtle details and understated design

Elements old and new have been carefully selected and combined to hit the sweet spot of architectural harmony. The couple selected Unidrain for the bathroom specifically because it aligns seamlessly with their overall vision.

“We love Unidrain’s solutions because the line drain and the Reframe Collection each embody timeless, sleek, understated design. That’s what makes them so sophisticated. The drain is especially elegant, with its invisible technical solution. This is a prime example of less is more!” Nicole concludes, adding:

“Minimalist elements can be found throughout our apartment, which helps to create just the right synergy of classic and modern. We’re delighted with the Unidrain solutions, as they accentuate our architectural vision perfectly.”

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