Luxurious spa oasis in Frederiksberg

- We wanted our own private spa oasis, so we prioritised exclusive materials and elements. It had to feel like being in a hotel... every day!

In a stylish vintage luxury flat in Frederiksberg, Samira Kudsk and her family had their out-dated bathroom renovated, creating a totally new wellness space, that also offered practical solutions when used by two adults and two teenagers on a daily basis. The 12-square-metre bathroom was in dire need of an upgrade, it wasn’t a question of a quick makeover, the whole bathroom, flooring, walls, toilet, and shower. needed to be stripped out and replaced. Now the bathroom has been completely transformed and state-of-the-art technology has been installed. The results speak for themselves. With a fresh shade of blue on the wall, the bathroom has become a mini-Nordic spa, fit for 2022.

– As it is an older, more traditional-style flat, we needed to consider whether we should have a more classic and nostalgic look, but ultimately, we decided on a contemporary solution and it matches the apartment perfectly. We wanted our own private spa oasis, so we prioritised exclusive materials and elements. It had to feel like being in a hotel… every day! The colours were important and so our foundation comprises of dark shades to create a more luxurious atmosphere, plus with two teenagers in the house it’s a good thing if the dirt doesn’t show too much, so easy-clean grey marl tiles by Mosa were laid on the floor. explains Samira Kudsk.

The bathroom now has a new programable shower toilet. The vanity unit has large drawers with built-in lighting; the size ensures everyone in the family has space for their personal products and above the vanity is an anti-fog mirror, all by Duravit. However, the undisputed star of the room is the elegant shower screen, GlassLine by Unidrain, highlighted with a black frame. This co-ordinated design has been continued with installation of a discreet black Unidrain line drain in the floor of the shower. Not only does it match the frame of the shower screen but encompasses the shower wiper and magnetic holder – as well as the shower head and the Duravit mixer tap. The shower’s stunning finish elevates the overall impression of the bathroom.

– We wanted to preserve the natural light from the window, so the GlassLine shower screen is perfect; it allows the light to flow through the room and contributes to the open, airy atmosphere. We were a little worried that the glass screen would be difficult to keep clean, with four showers per day, but it’s so easy to maintain; you just need to run the wiper over the glass after a shower.

Accessories from Unidrain’s Reframe collection add the finishing touch. Hooks, toilet brush and toilet roll holder in black create continuity, while the art, stool and lamp in wood and the green plants add warmth and texture to the room.

The bathroom’s functionality has been optimised to accommodate a family of four. On any busy weekday morning the vanity countertop and wash basin are large enough to allow multiple family members to brush their teeth at the same time; whilst the anti-fog mirror means that one family member can take a shower, and another can still use the mirror.

– This renovation has future-proofed our bathroom. It’s a big investment, which will have to last both the products themselves, and the style were selected to ensure longevity. It was tough having tradespeople working in the flat but that’s all over and done with now. We’re just so excited about our new bathroom that we can’t even remember all the inconvenience! laughs Samira Kudsk

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