Minimalistic and stylish design

Glass line is an out of the ordinary shower cubicle. Without any visible screws and fittings, the glass screen is mounted in the floor, where the shower door, base and integrated floor drain complete the stylish architectural look.

Large, solid glass profiles frame Unidrain’s exclusive range for the shower cubicle, GlassLine. The shower cubicle completes the look in modern bathrooms, where Scandinavian elegance makes for a unique bathing experience.

GlassLine is the complete solution for the design lover who wants a shower cubicle that does not seem to fill the room. A shower cubicle where every detail is thought through and even the smallest screw is tucked away.

Elegant glass profile

The GlassLine series includes of a shower screen and door in tempered glass. The glass is treated with nanotechnology, which reduces cleaning to a minimum. The glass wall and door are built together with the ShowerLine frame, which has a built-in 2% fall towards the drain. That means you can control the fall and avoid unwanted water damage.

“ShowerLine is a drain unit with a built-in fall, flanges and a groove, which the glass wall is set into. In a traditional building process the glass screen is put in last by the glazier, with the glass glued on top of the tiles so all the joints are visible. We have found a solution where the glass screen goes in first, before you lay the tiles. This means that screws and fittings are hidden under the tiles, and the solution looks more stylish,” says Lasse Lyck, technical manager at Unidrain.

ShowerLine is available in two models: A fixed and a flexible module. The fixed version is available in 800, 900 and 1000 mm lengths, while the flexible variant can be combined with drain units 1002/1003/1004 in all lengths.

The shower door is made of the same uncompromising materials as the shower screen. Materials which emphasise the elegant and timeless design, to give a smart finish and an attractive overall look to the bathroom. The door is mounted with stylish fittings, which emphasise the design from the steel rail at the bottom of the shower screen. It also has no handles and does not require installation by a glazier.

Read more about the different choices of design and accessories for GlassLine here.

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