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In the last ten years, the Aalborg harbour front has changed into a dynamic district with lots of new homes for both larger and smaller families..

In the last ten years, the Aalborg harbour front has undergone a transformation from a run-down industrial area to a dynamic district with lots of new homes. One of the latest additions is the Musikhus district, which contains 93 flats split into three towers. The flats have a view of the fjord and range from 100 to 300 square metres, so there is room for both large and small families.

Schmidt Hammer Lassen designed the project, which has been developed by A. Enggaard. GlassLine has been chosen for the shower cubicle in almost all of the flats:

“GlassLine is a safe and leakproof solution which we chose for just about the whole project. There is no need to drill holes in the membrane for screws. Everything is fitted behind the membrane, so there is no risk of water seeping down from one floor to the next. It is a very safe system when you are working on several floors one above the other. As the project manager, you can sleep soundly at night,” says A. Enggaard’s construction manager Martin Jensen with a smile. 

Fitting GlassLine also makes it easier to obtain a neat solution with the right fall. That’s because the shower cubicle has a built-in 2% fall, which makes it almost impossible to make a mistake with the measurements.

“In a purely aesthetic sense, GlassLine is a nice solution. The actual fitting also works well. It is reasonably easy to work with, and once the frame has been installed, the rest almost takes care of itself. The built-in fall in the shower cubicle is really smart, ensuring that the drain sits as it should in relation to the floor,” says Martin Jensen. 

GlassLine was not originally specified for the project, but it was added because it was a particularly safe solution:

“Even though we supplied so many bathrooms, the glass did not break once. That shows how robust a solution GlassLine is. We managed to create a solution that is not just an elegant design but is also robust and makes the fitter’s job easier. I’m proud of that,” concludes Unidrain’s man in North Jutland, sales consultant Anders W. Christensen.

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