New outlet unit with low installation height and two side inlets

Unidrain adds an additional outlet unit with a low installation height to their product portfolio. The concept behind the development of another low outlet unit is to facilitate workflow, ensure increased flexibility and easy maintenance for the end user.

Danish design company Unidrain has set out to do everything it can to ensure it fulfils more than just the minimum of the numerous demands within the plumbing market. Unidrain always approaches new product development with a critical eye and a keen sense of form, functionality and flexibility.

Takes up less space and has high functionality

Unidrain’s approach to product development is reflected in its new low outlet unit with two side inlets.

“Depending on the selected drain, the total installation height starts at 146 mm. Therefore, the installer will not have to go as deep into the floor. This is a huge advantage, multi-storey buildings, is just one example,” says Lasse Lyck, Technical Manager at Unidrain.

The two side inlets mean the installer can utilise several functions and connection methods by connecting the water from other sources, such as a washing machine or bathtub.

As an additional dimension to the flexibility, two adapters are included to reduce the side inlets from 40 mm to 32 mm.

A water trap with self-cleaning properties

The outlet unit is VA approved and meets the EN1253 standard. A VA approval is a voluntary Danish certification scheme for water supply and drainage products. The water trap covers both side inlets, avoiding the need for water traps on connected appliances or sources, which makes the installer’s work easier.

“The water trap can be removed, and it is easy to clean and maintain. When combined with the outlet unit, it forms a P-trap, where there is always water at the bottom of the outlet unit. This reduces the risk of odour. Furthermore, we get a more self-cleaning water trap. Of course, it’s essential for the end customer that maintenance is easy and straightforward,” says Lyck.

Requirements and needs are many, but Lyck has no doubt they have achieved their goal and that the new low outlet unit has earned a place on the plumbing market:

“We have high expectations. This is a new and potentially superior product that can take over the market for side inlet drains. Our new outlet unit may possibly outperform some of Unidrain’s own old outlet units,” concludes Lyck.

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