P-trap that sets new standards

If you are not already acquainted with it, let us introduce you: The P-Trap, which is maintenance-free, has an extra-large capacity and guards against odours from the drain.

“We find that many plumbers use the solution they are used to, because it is the most convenient, and this is very understandable. But our motto is that you should use the right product for any given situation. This also applies to the water trap connected to the linear drain,” says technical manager Lasse Lyck:

“The fitters often use the same standardised water trap. This is because it is the cheapest and easiest solution right now. But in the long run that is far from the case. That is why we have developed a P-Trap, which will be the most advantageous solution in most cases.”

“You should note that the P-Trap is higher than a normal water trap, and so requires a design height of about 200 mm. In the vast majority of cases there is actually room, and here we always recommend our P-Trap, which is lower than most others on the market.”

Maintenance-free and high capacity

The P-Trap is advantageous as it is basically maintenance-free.

Lasse Lyck says:

“Unlike other water traps, it does not have to be cleaned every 4-6 weeks. Unless the outlet is blocked with stuff that does not belong in a bathroom drain, it will be virtually maintenance-free for many years. This is due to the design of the pipe, which gives increased capacity, and the fact that the drain can cope with large amounts of water.”

The combination of these two things is a big advantage in professional situations. This is true, for example, of hotels and changing rooms where the shower cubicles are used frequently and must be able to cope with as much as possible for as long as possible.

At last – goodbye to odours

Another advantage of the P-Trap is that you can be sure it will perform its main function with flying colours: guarding against odours.

“With the P-Trap, you are protected against odours. Once again, this is down to the capacity and design of the pipe,” explains Lasse Lyck.

Download a data sheet for the P-Trap here (1850.0075)

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