The architect’s story: Why I choose Unidrain

We spoke to architect Nikola Antonijevic from Cobe about design trends, choosing Unidrain and the value of good advice. Read more here and get the architect's input on how to get the perfect bathroom.

For two years, architect MAA Nikola Antonijevic has been drawing and developing good ideas for Cobe. Prior to that, he was with the Norwegian design studio Nordic Office of Architecture. Over the years, he has got to know our products in several instances – and together we have found the best solutions for various projects.

Read more here and get the architect’s input on the best bathrooms. From professionals to professionals:

Current trends call for a striking raw look

For bathrooms in large residential complexes, or for smaller ‘feinschmecker’ homes, various different trends can be identified. Yet they all share in common that the style must be raw and colourful, and feature large surfaces and simplicity.

It’s plain to see that people are generally daring to do more. They’re choosing lots of colour, and dare to be bold by picking the largest tiles or leaving a plain concrete wall to stand as it is. As an architect, you should accommodate this as far as possible. In my view, powerful bathrooms that signal edginess, general rawness and honesty in their materiality are the way forward.

Keep it simple

Unidrain’s products reflect these trends. Linear floor drains that do not dominate the surroundings. Exquisite design that is not ‘overdesigned’ and that anonymously blends with the surroundings. 

Paradoxically, this is precisely the strength of the linear floor drains: They are easy on the eye, since you cannot see that they are there. This is why I think that, in most cases, most architects recommend a linear floor drain. This can help to enhance the quality of any project.

Good inspiration

To ensure a good process, it’s also important to get the right advice and a chance to share ideas. If I face situations that present technical challenges, I can always turn to Unidrain for good inspiration. As an architect, it’s important that I can proceed with the best possible solution for the other parties involved in the building process.

Unidrain is chosen for its design, but there is no doubt that I also choose Unidrain because I know they stand for quality-assured products and can provide plenty of useful advice.

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