When the waves are high, Unidrain is a safe choice

High above Vejle Fjord stands the exclusive new ‘Bølgen’ complex, looking out over the water. Bølgen consists of five curved apartment buildings which demand extra safety in the bathrooms. That’s why Unidrain’s stylish GlassLine series was chosen as the reliable solution.

The bathroom is one of the most difficult rooms in the house when it comes to safety with pipes and drains. Flats in particular require extra care so the water does not end up in the apartment below.

In the luxurious Bølgen apartment building in Vejle, Unidrain’s aesthetic GlassLine series has provided a durable and functional solution for the bathrooms. A solution that protects against water damage.

“We have supplied 169 GlassLine solutions for the 102 bathrooms in Bølgen. GlassLine was chosen for its high level of safety and stylish Danish design, which characterises the sought-after building facing the fjord. The solution consists of a patented flange system, which keeps the shower cubicle watertight,” says Anders W. Christensen, Unidrain’s consultant in northern and central Jutland.

GlassLine comes as an integrated solution where the shower screens are mounted in the specially designed ShowerLine drain unit and in a steel profile on the wall. ShowerLine is fixed to the wall with a special rail and embedded in the floor. The floor drain is designed with a built-in 2 percent slope.

Read more about our GlassLine solution here.

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